Welcome to iMentor

Success and growth is characterized by our planned   & sustained efforts to put learning into practice”.

With this belief we at iMentor work on the agenda of Sustainable Development with our partners by bringing new ideas, learning and building capabilities for practice!

All our activities and endeavours intrinsically aim at identifying root causes of the core problem or interest, and their practicable & sustainable solutions.

iMentor is essentially a Development Communication Organization with primary focus on Livelihoods through interventions in Fair Trade , Ethical Trade and Participatory Community Development. It serves both Corporate and Voluntary organizations in achieving their Social development goals. It brings professional experience of providing Technical Assistance in the fields of:

  • Research & Evaluations
  • Mentoring and Capacity Building
  • Development Communication

The cycle of our services are aligned to the Management Cycle of our partners/clients and addresses the core needs in the process- of having the right assessment of situation to building right capabilities for the answers, mentoring support while projects are being implemented, and reporting on the work to various stakeholders through various media.

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Research and Evaluation Capacity Building Development Communication

Research and Evaluation

Research and Evaluation

Research is essential to explore the change that is required or to measure the change that has happened.

With a Qualified and Experienced team from variety of backgrounds i.e. of Social Work, Engineering, HR, Agronomy, and Environment, iMentor has a strong Research & Evaluation Services Unit.

One of our key areas of service & expertise is Social & Environmental Auditing on National and International Standards. We have been working as Third Party Auditors for Social & Environmental Guidelines since June 2010 for International Brands and are also empanelled by FLA and BCI for monitoring in the agriculture sector. So far we have conducted hundreds of quality audits in various locations of India and outside. IMentor Auditors have more than 10 years of External Auditing experience with various Brands and sectors such as Apparels, Footwear, Dyeing, Printing & Fabric Mills, Jewellery, handicrafts, Retail Fixtures, Paper Bags, etc.

We also carry out Research studies, Verification, Baseline survey, Situational assessment and Monitoring & Evaluation of Social projects.

Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Capacity Building is “The Core Element’ of iMentor. For us- capacity building means identifying the needs at all 4 planes of Knowledge, Attitude, Behaviour and Skills, and addressing these through customised Projects and at times standalone trainings & workshops.

Our projects run a full cycle of Pin-Pointing the Needs of the Partner Organisation & its Staff, Designing and Providing the Inputs, Close Monitoring of Change at ground level, and Reporting the results.

In our Standalone Trainings & workshops – we skip the monitoring part; however never miss to conduct needs calibration. These standalone programmes are always customised to the real needs.

Behaviour Change Communication is one of the expertise that we use where our partners wants to change a particular behaviour to another desired behaviour at a mass level.

We are also conducting announced Training & Seminars which are aimed at addressing the knowledge gap and sensitization, such as on Environment, child Rights, Participatory Learning & Action, Photography etc.

Development Communication

Development Communication

Development Communication

There is a big need for bridging the gap between and Media Sector and Development Sector. Our team of Social Work & Mass Communication Professionals helps bridge this through Development Communication Services.

This essentially pertains to Designing & Developing Campaigns and Communication material related with Developmental work and initiatives.

Over the years we have gathered a rich experience of delivery in the areas of CSR, Sustainability Reports, Current Issues, Microfinance, Livelihoods, Social security, Health, Youth Development and Child protection. We have several approaches in our toolkit e.g. Information Educations & Communication (IEC), Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) Social Marketing and Participatory Learning Approaches (PLA).

Core Competencies are Designing Innovative Communication Content & Campaigns using new as well as traditional media including Audio, Radio, Video, Print, Theatre & Internet, and Documentation of development projects & events through Print and Documentary Films.

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