Our Credo

Update Consciousness

Strive to update consciousness and motivate others to do the same. We care most for the vulnerable groups that are covered in our work in the short, medium and long term through inclusion. Ethics and integrity are above business.

Create Inspiring Solutions

Create and craft solutions that inspire others to raise the bar. Each challenge gives us an opportunity to create something beautiful, healing and functional for the world.

Do & Promote Good in the world

Cultivate and promote goodness in all our activities and with all stakeholders. We encourage a culture of spreading goodness, appreciative enquiry and continuous learning. We promote and nurture the most progressive talent in our field.

Outperform and Seek Excellence

We always find a better way and uphold the highest standard of professional conduct in our work with an aim to build fanship amongst our client, network and competition. Our actions elevates the respect and dignity of human race.

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Our Story

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iMentor was founded by Syed Mohammad Yunus as a social enterprise in 2009. In order to expand its work and impact area, Yunus invited another social entrepreneur, Aziz Ur Rehman who initiated centre for technical assistance for social development. Together they converted the enterprise into a private limited company in 2011. Since then iMentor is providing responsible business solutions as an innovative change agent in South Asia.

It has been crafting supply chain solutions for multiple brands and causes with its unique competencies and contagious enthusiasm!

Providing end to end solutions, iMentor has delivered successful projects in diverse sectors like Apparels & home textiles, fashion accessories, footwear, hard goods and agriculture products such as cotton and spices.

iMentor's continuous learning and participatory approach coupled with constructive inquiry, helps our clients to create innovative and inspiring solutions in their business and supply chains.

Currently the company has team of thirteen members, and a pool of associates with expertise in the field of Research, Livelihoods, Health, Nutrition, Agriculture, Occupational Health & Safety, Environment, civil rights, films production, and many more.

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