Documentary Films on Sustainability Report
iMentor has made series of films for SRF chemicals on the CSR initiatives. This year- we have just completed their Documentary Film to represent their Sustainability report. The film showcases the Triple Bottom line approach of SRF chemicals and how the two bottom lines of Social and Environment has contributed back to the Economic Bottom Line.

Advocacy Films on Micro-Finance
iMentor has been making a series of Advocacy Films on Microfinance for the National Conference on Microfinance for Sa-Dhan, an Association of Community Finance Institutions in India. The films have depicted the issues and challenges of Microfinance sector and presented Voices of various stakeholders engaged in the sector.

Research on Auditing methodology for unorganised Sector
iMentor provided assistance to a research carried out by an Independent Consultant Jo Huband (UK) for Shop for Change (India) aimed at improving fair trade verification process. The assignment involved assistance in researching various auditing methodologies used in unorganized supply chain and feed into SfC standards & auditing methodology in the agricultural supply chain.

Capacity Building on Sustainable Compliance Management Systems
The buzz word doing rounds for couple of years is that for Compliance to become Sustainable- it surely requires Management Systems Approach. However- the Small and Medium Scale factories have limited capabilities to establish the management systems on their own even when they have the good level of commitment to do so.

With this gap in picture- iMentor went on to carry out a project for a well known International Brand on Capacity building of Suppliers in Selected areas of Sustainable Compliance Management Systems.

The project delivered through groups of suppliers coming together (in batches) for enhanced sharing and learning in a classroom set up to acquire required Knowledge, Skills and attitude, and this was subsequently followed by monitoring and evaluation of their progress.

The areas of Management Systems delivered by iMentor were:

  • Module 1- HRMS, Developing and Implementing Effective Policies & Procedures: - 2 Days
  • Module2- Training of Trainers, Setting up Compliance Training Programme in a Factory- 2 Days
  • Module 3- Setting u Internal Audit programme- 1 Day
  • Module 4 Worker Management Communication & Making Committees work for Business 1 Day

Piece rate Workers in North India & Social Security benefits
Piece rate workers in North India largely do not want to participate in Social Security benefits of ESI and PF. While this poses a serious non-compliance risk for factories and brands- the workers remain devoid of the benefits of social security and regular employment.

iMentor addressed this problem behaviour with a supply chain of an International Brand through a Behaviour Change Communication Strategy and factories had to be made self reliant to address it on a continuous basis.

For behaviour change at workers level- 2 set of small workshops were designed , first one facilitated in developing a vision for themselves and included aspect of financial planning. Second workshop provided the details of ESI and PF. The Approach methodologies used were fully participatory in nature so the workers can own the decision. By the end more than 95% workers stressed strong interest to join the schemes.

The Communication Strategy built in reinforcers to be available in factory at all times esp for those who remained undecided.

However- this is not all- the project required that the factory staff become capable of delivering these workshops on their own. While all the staff were found lacking skills in Training and facilitation. Hence a 3 days TOT programme along Trainers Kit was delivered, followed by Live Practice Sessions on the workshops with workers in the participatory mode to handhold these New Trainers.

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